Cash Flow Strategy

  • Revenue Modeling
  • Financial Statement Review – Monthly, Quarterly, Annually
  • Let’s find out where the money is in your business
  • Plan for the cash to pay for your expenses
  • Analyze Your Business to Identify Opportunities for Revenue Growth and Expense Reduction
  • Review your actual performance against your plan for prepare and implement strategic changes for personal and/or business goals on a regular basis (or as needed)
  • Create a plan to preserve your wealth

Personal or Business Financial Baseline

  • Create your Revenue Model/Financial Baseline to align with your Personal or Business Plan
  • Ensure your Financial Plan is in alignment with your Vision and Mission Statements
  • Fine tune expenses related to each income stream to create a big picture for your life and/or business.
  • New business start-ups:  Revenue Model/Proforma (One – to – Three Years)
  • Existing Business Tune-up:  Revenue Model vs. P & L (Profit & Loss Statement) (Up to three years)
  • Be prepared to talk to bankers, Angel Investors and other investors to infuse cash into your business.  Have a complete plan to present to potential Joint Venture partners upon request.

Business & Life Coach

Working in the corporate world as well as a Consultant with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners (and their employees), I observed every day life drawn into the work place and interfering with productivity and profitability. As a Life Enhancement Coach I have been able to assist my clients in eliminating some symptoms and achieving even better results. This intervention process has enabled us to further work on relationships, life and business strategies. It is so rewarding to check-in with them and hear success stories in other areas of their lives as well.

We provide a variety of focused services, including personal/business coaching, and  traditional bookkeeping/accounting to lay the foundation for your life and your passion.    We work with you to understand your goals and how you will reach them.  We work with you and your tax professional to provide you checks and balances to ensure your personal and business financial growth is on track.


  • Virtual and Traditional Bookkeeping
  • Record Income and Expenses, Bank, Credit Card and other statement Reconciliations, Month-End Reports

Debt Reduction Strategy